Some of you have been with us watching the World Cup the past two weeks; others, well…it’s about time.

We are open early today from 9:30am-9pm to watch the World Cup, come join us!

We were considered to be in the group of “Group of Death,” the toughest group to get out of each year. There are only so many groups, and there are a lot of good teams, so inevitably, we can get stuck there. The grouping is done by a tiered lottery and this year we were grouped with Germany, Portugal, Ghana, which are all top-ranked teams. Currently we are in second place for the group and the game could really go 1,000 different ways. In fact, The New York Times has listed out 984 for your reading pleasure.

If we tie or beat Germany, we move out of the Group of Death and to the next round into the “Round of Sixteen”. Only two teams will survive. We are very excited to cheer the U.S. on and will be starting our day drinking a bit early this morning to cheer our boys on to the next round. We would love share a brew with you and experience this exciting match together!

The same excitement and camaraderie that comes with the World Cup, we also practice within our community of amazing brewers. Ties of rival MLS teams are broken as we are all united to support Team USA and cheer them on to win the cup. So if you’re a remote worker or decided that you were feeling sick today *cough, cough*, then come join us and cheer on our team…  U. S. A. ! U. S. A. ! U. S. A. ! U. S. A. !