Ahh, India Pale Ales.

Last I checked, they are the largest SKU(stock keeping unit) in the craft beer industry. There is something about that refreshing piney, citrusy, fruity hops character and pungent bitterness. There is a dark side about hoppy beers, and it needs to be drunk fresh. It’s not going to age like wine, but when it enters the tanks, it starts to go downhill.

The common Hop plant – humulus lupulus – is a relative of the marijuana plant. The resins that we value so highly provide the beautiful citrus and piney character that many people love in pale ales, India pale ales and double India pale ales.

IPA and freshnessBottle dating should be mandatory for packaged beers. You expect at least a best buy date or expiration out of the food you eat, so why not beer? It is just disappointing to crack open a bottle of double IPA, only to find out when you taste it that the hops have faded and leaving an overly malty beer behind.

Whether it’s on the label, on the bottle, dated, Julian dated, or some vague format that needs a special decoder ring, it’s important for the end consumer to know as well as the other tiers of distribution. There just a handful of breweries that have systems in for consumers to report out of date beer and for their supply chain to pull out of date beer. You deserve fresh beer!

If you haven’t come in to try out our Superpower IPA, then you should visit us soon! It’s certainly a crowd favorite, and it’ll make your taste buds very happy.