Six days ago, we opened our doors to the public, we must say: you guys gave us one hell of a welcome.

Pretty soon after 12pm, people started showing up to see what we’ve been doing and try our excellent beers. People came and went all day long, but the crowd didn’t dissipate. We were busy pouring from 12:30 until early into the evening, and some of our new comrades actually stayed until closing!

We had some special guests throughout the day, like Troy Casey from Casey Brewing and Blending, Adam Draeger from Yak & Yeti, Alan Simmons from Backcountry, Andy from Downslope and Paul Ogg from Declaration. Check out the pics on Facebook soon!

The kickass cooks with Wikipita ( fed us until we were full; those falafel and gyros were food of the gods. And good news, comrades! They’ll be back at Noon this Saturday and every Saturday through the summer!

Throughout Saturday, we raffled off a year of beer and some cool Comrade care packages. Since we’re a canine-friendly brewery, all proceeds from ticket sales went to the Dumb Friends League, and we hand-delivered a check for $294 to them on Monday. We’re looking forward to continuing this awesome relationship with the DFL, so thank you to everyone who participated in the raffle! (Insert pic of marks and David at DFL)

This Party is just getting started, so if you haven’t come by yet, here are our operating hours for the time being:

Mon-Tues: AWOL (Closed)
Weds: 12-8 PMish
Thurs:12-8 PMish
Fri: 12-10 PMish
Sat:12-10 PMish
Sun:12-8 PMish

If you’re joining the Party this week, the Street Frites food truck (, @streetfrites5280) will be here at 2pm today (Friday) to feed your beer-full bellies.

Need further proof that we’re the better class of beer? Mark from Brewtally Insane just wrote about our grand opening.

So come on by, grab a beer, and welkome to the party.