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Aly Malm

4/25: SuperBrut IIPA Release

Tapping at noon, Citra and Galaxy Brut Double IPA. Brewed with Pilsner and wheat malt. 9.0% ABV

4/18: Brut Reynolds Brut IPA Release

Tapping at Noon, A Brut IPA, hopped with Azacca and El Dorado hops. Brewed with Root Shoot Genie Pale malt grown and malted in Loveland, CO. 6.1% ABV

3/23: Nobyl Gold Blonde Release

Tapping at noon, Nobyl Gold Blonde Ale! Brewed with locally grown Root Shoot Genie Pale malt from Loveland, CO, light crystal and Munich malt. Dry-hopped with debittered Citra hops for a Northwest twist on traditional European noble hops. 5.8% ABV

3/14: Pelican Collab IPA

Tapping at noon, collaboration brew with Pelican Brewing in Pacific City, OR. An American IPA, brewed with pilsner, crystal 60 and hopped with El Dorado and a new variety called Lotus. Orange zest was added in the whirlpool and in… Continue Reading →

3/12: Steam Beer Release

Tapping at noon, Our collaboration California Common with Epic Brewing in Denver, CO. Brewed with high color pale and Caramel Steam malt. Hopped with Comet and El Dorado at one pound per barrel. 6.1% ABV

3/9: Brewery Bus Loop

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