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3/11: New Beer Tapping, More Dodge Less RAM

The 2019 & 2022 GABF® Gold Medal American Style IPA is back today

3/10: New Beer Tapping, Fastest Gun in the West Coast IPA

A New West Coast IPA, light pilsner base with a touch of Vienna malt. Hopped with five different hop varieties and copious amounts of cryo pellets

1/27: New Beer Tapping, Rolling Solo Extra Pale Ale

An extra pale ale hopped with Nectaron, Citra, Strata, Strata CGX and Superdelic. Dank and fruity with a touch of that New Zealand resin

Say No to Nitro Beer

What are nitrogenated beers? You have probably seen them at an Irish pub, with the funny handle and the longer spigot on the tap. The beer might involve a multiple step pouring process and a mesmerizing “reverse cascading” effect down… Continue Reading →

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