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10/6: Halley’s Comet IPA Release

🚨New Beer Alert! 🚨 Tapping at noon, Halley’s Comet IPA! Single hop Comet pale ale, brewed with Genie Pale malt from Root Shoot Malting in Loveland, Colorado. 5.7% ABV

9/21: Brim Reaper Double IPA Release

Tapping at noon, Brim Reaper Double IPA! Our entry for the 2022 Alpha King Challenge. A hopped up IIPA, with over 7 pounds per barrel of Citra, Nectaron, Mosaic, Denali and Sultana. 8% ABV

9/17: Honeyman 49 IPA Tapping

Tapping at noon, Honeyman 49 IPA! The 49th in our Research and Development IPA. Hopped with Comet, Zappa and Nectaron hops. Passion fruit, peach & orange zest notes. 6.4% ABV

9/16: Hunt for Red Oktoberfest Tapping

The big day is here! Our Hunt for Red Oktoberfest hits the tap wall today! Bring your own (clean) vessel or purchase one with us! We will be partying from 12-10pm today and Billy will be cooking up some beer… Continue Reading →

9/7: Superdamp, Fresh Hop Superpower IPA Release

Our wet hopped version of Superpower IPA! Hops are picked, delivered and put into the beer less than 24 hours after harvest. Hundreds and hundreds of pounds of hops. Hops provided by Billy Goat Hop Farms in Montrose, CO. 7%… Continue Reading →

08/20: More Dodge Less Ram IPA and Powder Session IPA Tapping

Tapping at noon, More Dodge Less Ram IPA, 2019 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal American-Style India Pale Ale It’s back! A stronger brew of our flagship Superpower IPA, given an extra round of dry-hopping. Named for first celebratory brew… Continue Reading →

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