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3/15: Powder Session IPA Release

🚨 TAPPING AT NOON! 🚨 Powder Session IPA, An American Session IPA loaded with Citra, Simcoe & Strata Cryo Hop Pellets in the kettle and dry hopped for a crisp and refreshing citrus finish. Pours a beautiful light-straw color. 4.9%… Continue Reading →

2/21: Honeyman 52 IPA Release

Tapping at noon! Honeyman 52 IPA! The 52nd in our Research and Development IPA series. Hopped with Sultana, Simcoe & Strata at nearly 4 pounds per barrel. 6.3% ABV

2/1: Trade War Release

Tapping at noon! Trade War! A Dortmunder Export lager, brewed with premium pilsner malt and Cryo Loral hops. Fermented cold with a German lager strain. A straw gold color with a slightly flowery yeast and honey-ish aroma, with a lightly… Continue Reading →

1/11: Honeyman 51 IPA Release

Tapping at noon! Honeyman 51 IPA! The 51st in our R&D IPA series, featuring Vista and El Dorado hops. 6.5% ABV

12/15: Toasted Coconut Quit Stalin Release

You know what day it is! Tapping at noon, Toasted Coconut Quit Stalin!Our Imperial Stout with 10 pounds of toasted coconut added. 8.3% ABV

12/8: Milky Way Quit Stalin Release

Tapping at noon and in small quantities, Milky Way Quit Stalin! Our Imperial Stout with Milky Way chocolates added! 8.3% ABV

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